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For COVID-19 updates please visit YU Better Together

We are permitting on and off campus student film shoots in keeping with York University and Public Health requirements concerning vaccination and daily YU screening.   For off campus film shoots, please refer to the current Government of Ontario’s modified Stage 2 indoor and outdoor gathering restrictions at: https://covid-19.ontario.ca/public-health-measures

It is recommended to keep crew sizes to a minimum whenever possible. Masks can only be removed for the “take”, provided a 2-meter distance is maintained.  All crew members must remain masked at all times.  Choose a high quality mask that fits well and is comfortable.  Please see Toronto Public Health’s COVID-19 Use of Face Masks at: https://www.toronto.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/97f8-COVID-19-Guidance-for-Use-of-Face-Masks-and-Coverings-by-Public.pdf

For non CMA studio space requests, please note many areas of the campus are returning gradually and may not have the on-site resources to provide access or the flexibility to offer their spaces at this current time.   Availability of AMPD spaces such as music and dance studios, and theatres is limited as they are currently in use for course instruction and rehearsals in those respective programs.  Where at all possible it is recommended to request use of common public spaces during evening and weekend hours to mitigate overcrowding and where access and permissions is less of a requirement.

To request the use of campus space, please visit the Film411 website at: https://film411.ampd.yorku.ca/facilities-space-bookings/

For additional COVID-19 resources and information, please visit: https://www.yorku.ca/bettertogether/