Buying Film Stock & Lab services

16mm Black & White FILM

Buying Film Stock + Lab services

Buying film stock:

At the York Bookstore, York Lanes, Service Counter (Clothing/Art section) you can purchase 100ft rolls on daylight spools of Kodak Tri-X 7266, 160T/200D REVERSAL film stock. The cost is (currently) $59.99/roll + tax.

To place larger orders ahead of time, or report any problems, contact Terry Singh x 40747

Kodak website:

Call 1-800-621-3456 Customer Service to reach Kodak directly, and quote your York student number to receive a 30% student discount off invoices, if buying film directly from them. They can ship orders, but they will be coming from Rochester, New York (+$25 for shipping, next day delivery) but all orders need to be purchased via credit card.

L.I.F.T. Liaison of Independent Filmmakers – 1137 Dupont (at Gladstone), Toronto, M6H 2A3  416-588-6444 x 224 (tech store). Off-campus you can buy film stock for $70.00 per roll of B+W Reversal 7266, $70 for B+W Negative 7222, and cheaper still, if you become a member. They also have colour Kodak stocks in 100 ft rolls VISION3 7207 250D, VISION3 7219 500T and VISION3 7203 50D for $75 each and two Kodak High-Contrast Orthochromatic B+W stocks 3378 ISO12 REVERSAL & 3374 ISO 25 NEGATIVE for only $27 a roll:

Lab services:

Be sure to label your film rolls with your name, telephone, YorkU & other relevant info: “Process Normal” and with Hi-Con specify if shot as NEG or REV. Some labs have after-hours drop boxes, although they may be inside buildings with inconsistent hours for front door access.

Processing at Niagara Custom Lab:

182A St. Helens’ Ave, Toronto, M6H 4A1 (South of Bloor, just west of Lansdowne) Adam or Sebastjan.

416-504-3927 They charge students $32.00 (including tax) for processing a100 ft roll (but the calculation is based on a cost/foot). They can take as long as one week to get your processed footage ready for pick up, so time your drop-off accordingly for quick turnaround (in time for next week’s class). They also offer digital transfer:

Processing at Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts Black + White Lab: Mark Loeser, IMA 327, 122 Bond Street, Ryerson, 416-979-5000 x6869 $53 per roll, NEG only. Drop off by 8:30 M,W pick up 6 pm next day.

Transfer to digital:

Exclusive, 16 Foundry, Unit 104 Walnut Ave, Toronto M6H 0A9 416-598-2700, Bring storage drive.

BIT WORKS, Inc. John Gledhill, 74 Chumleigh Cres, Thornhill, L3T 4G8 (near Steeles and Don Mills) 905 881 2733, very careful and high quality individual frame scan transfers.

Frame Discreet, 96 Vine Ave, Unit # 18B, Toronto, M6P 1V7 416.901.5332 // e:   Canada Home Movies, 415 Horner, Etobicoke M8W 4W3, 416-479-0537 1-866-559-1163