MFA Policies

Standard Operating Procedure, Graduate Studio & Equipment Bookings

Department of Cinema & Media Arts, School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design

The CMA Equipment Room staff typically services over 650 bookings in an academic year and growing (430 class assignments, 3 dozen camera/lighting/sound workshops, and production packages for over 190 grad and undergrad films). Each of these bookings requires preparation to put together, check out, check in, and follow-up equipment maintenance

To ensure the necessary equipment is available when needed is based on academic priority to ensure we are able to balance needs with available resources.


To reserve equipment

Stephanie Adamson email:


Equipment Room Technicians:

Marcos Arriaga (days)

Gilbert Kwong (evenings/weekends)


For CFT, AMPD and other University space booking requests:


*   *   *

Maintenance Technician: Claudius Pinto

AMPD Manager, Facilities, Health & Safety and Technical Services: Terry Wright


Equipment Bookings 

  • Equipment must be booked through the online reservation system ( ) at least 48 hours in advance of pick-up.
  • For Course Assignments, Thesis Workshopping and Thesis Film Shoots, Supervisor must send The Equipment Administration Coordinator an email confirming their support of the booking (
  • Grad Equipment bookings are for Course Assignments (typically 2 per course max), Thesis workshopping (within limits and pending availability) and Thesis production (ideally, in spring/summer months). Equipment cannot be booked for non-York-related projects.


Equipment for Course Assignments & Thesis Workshopping

Typically, an MFA production course (like Documentary, Short Narratives, Process or Hybrid Fiction) requires that grads produce 1-2 assignments, to be made outside of classroom hours: a small exercise (using minimal equipment) and a short (5-7 min) final project (again using minimal equipment). Bookings per assignment can be for up to 3 days, plus 1 day pick-up + 1 day return, pending availability.


Cameras Available for Grad Assignments*

For Grad course assignments in the Fall/Winter terms, and for workshopping scenes/techniques for their thesis films:

  • Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4K kit
  • Panasonic AF 100 Digital Camera
  • Panasonic HPX 250 Digital Camera
  • Canon 7D Digital Camera
  • Black Magic Pocket
  • Go Pro Hero4 Black
  • Bolex Film Camera 16 mm & Super 16mm
  • Super 8 Film Camera
  • Black Magic Camera
  • plus standard lenses


Example of an acceptable or typical equipment request

(for a course assignment or thesis workshopping shoot, in the summer/fall/winter):

  • 1x camera (from above list) + standard lenses
  • 1x tripod
  • 1x light kit (up to 3 lights)
  • 1x set sound (mic, lav kit, recorder)

NB Items such as HD Monitors, doorway dollys, C-stands, large lighting and grip requests, walkie talkies, etc. are reserved for thesis work and will not be available for assignments/workshopping.

 *equipment types subject to change


Thesis Film Shoots

The following larger, higher-end camera packages are available to Grads for their thesis shoots (fiction, doc, alt) during the April 1-Aug 31 window of Grad priority, ideally for a single block of up to 5 days (plus 1 day pickup + 1 day return), and in special cases, for a maximum of 2 blocks of up to 5 days each (plus 1 day pickup + 1 day return). DOP must be approved by the Supervisor & GPD. Email the Equipment Administration Coodrinator ( with their CV and short statement of their training/experience cc to supervisor and GPD, as well as email approval from supervisor, and a production plan that indicates you have adequate crew, vehicles, production insurance, and well-planned shooting schedule to support these large packages).

  • SRII Film Camera Super 16 mm w/ lenses
  • Sony FS7 4K Camera with zoom lens & optional Canon Prime lens kit
  • Canon C-300 Mark II Camera w/ lenses
  • Black Magic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2 w/ lenses


Studio Bookings

Space booking requests for  CMA, AMPD and other University spaces can be made here: 

Cinespace booking requests can be made here:

Production Studios can be booked for up to 2 days at a time for Course Assignments and Thesis Workshopping during Fall/Winter terms, and up to 10 days at a time in April 1-Aug 31 period for thesis shoots. Sound and Online suites can be booked in up to 2 blocks per year of up to 4 consecutive days for each block.

 Annual Priority for Access

 Sept 1- Dec 31: 4th year BFAs have equipment/studio priority

Jan 1-April 15: 3rd year BFAs have equipment/studio priority

May 1-Aug 31: MFAs have equipment/studio priority


Production Studios

  • CFT 115 – 800 sf w black curtains, lighting grid, one room standing set
  • CFT 104: – 800 sf w black curtains, lighting grid,
  • CFT 130 – 2000 sf w black curtains
  • Cinespace (Kipling, shared with rest of AMPD) — 4000 sf studio w/ 2-room standing set; 3000 sf studio w/ motion capture facility, 2 classrooms


Post-Production Studios

  • CFT 129 — Mixing/Foley w sound booth, mix board,
  • CFT 137A — Mixing w mix board
  • CFT 126 L & M: online w/ Avid, Final Cut, Da Vinci
  • CFT 109 – Grad Edit corridor (Avid, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, Pro Tools)