All Cinema & Media Arts production equipment, editing suites, studios and other facilities are to be used for assignments and projects originating in Cinema & Media Arts production classes only.

The equipment room is not a rental house. Equipment and facilities access is granted based on proficiency, training and relevance to course work and learning objectives of production courses.

Booking requests for equipment must be done minimum 2 days in advance. Equipment requested is not guaranteed. Students are responsible for following up with the Equipment Administration Coordinator to confirm availability.

All equipment must be returned in the exact condition it was received. Any damages or losses are the student’s responsibility.


All 3 studios have black curtains, C-stands, sandbags and a collection of lights

CFT 115 has a fixed set.  It can be painted or augmented but not taken down

1st& 2ndyr production students can book classrooms, CFT 115 & CFT 104 while studio staff are working.  No after hours access.

CFT 130 is reserved for upper year students

Studios and facilities are booked on a first come, first serve basis, however bookings will not be accepted months in advance

A studio waiver/application to film form must be filled out before shooting in the studio.  Within the application form you have to detail any set construction plans.

It also goes over studio rules such as the use of:

  • prop and replica weapons
  • pyrotechnics, fireworks and flashpots
  • animals
  • fog machines and smoke