Use of Special & Physical Effects

If a film project is considering a special or physical effect e.g., use of smoke/fog machines, breaking glass, open flame, use of animals, replica weapons, stage combat, drone use on campus, etc, this activity must be pre-approved by the course director and/or York University officials as applicable before proceeding (e.g Security Services approval for use of replica weapons).

· Please provide a detailed plan for use, identification of hazard and strategies and alternate substitutions considered, to mitigate hazard or risk to crew, actors and/or the surrounding community.

· Any costs associated or incurred for use of special & physical effects will be the responsibility of the student production. If isolation or shut down of the building fire alarm detection devices is required for use of fog machines, smoke etc., fees may be incurred by the user for fire isolation and fire watch personnel if deemed required.

In the event that any damage, loss or injury results due to improper use of, those productions will be reviewed on a case by case basis for cost recovery and/or mitigation.

· If you are unsure about the viability or safety of a special or physical effect, consult your course director and the Manager, Facilities, Health & Safety and Technical Support.