Pre-Production Guide

Production Meeting Guidelines/Questions

Whether the PM or 1st A.D. is running the meeting, arrive with yourself versed in the production’s status. Before going into a production meeting, consider and write down any issues that need sorting with the crew members. Ask yourself the following:

  • Consult timeline of workflow – where should you be at this time? What is settled? What hasn’t been settled? How can members of the crew assist in bringing the production on track? Do any commitments need to be confirmed or re-confirmed? ie. Actors, locations?


  • Does everybody understand their roles? Is there any overlap in roles or “multi-hatting” (PM/Producer, Director/Producer, AD/Driver)? What are some foreseeable problems? How can the crew plan to compensate?


  • Is everyone familiar with the script? Do they know the story? Is the camera department versed in the director’s references/visual goals?


  • Has each member of the crew committed to the project? Have people made arrangements with their courses and coursework to be missing class for the shoot/handing in assignments before or after deadlines occurring during shoot? Has everyone given contact information – e-mail and cellphone?


  • Is the script being worked on? The shot lists? Are there deadlines in place for crew members to achieve these kinds of goals?


Use a meeting to-do list or page for documenting meeting minutes. Discuss with the crew what needs to be done, allot a due date and ensure that a crew member is on task.


Never underestimate the value of a positive working relationship and lots of communication with your crew! Make sure everyone knows what their roles and duties are, that they are comfortable doing them, and that they feel they have adequate support from the production department to carry it out.